Web design ONLY pricing


Hi everyone,

I have a query that I just can’t find the answer to after ploughing through the forum... so apologies if I’ve missed it and am repeating other posts.

Basically I’m new to web design – I am currently a freelance print designer, with some web experience but I’m looking to make it my main focus as it's what I’m most interested in doing at the moment.

I want to design websites / web concepts – and provide any supporting graphics – but do none of the build / development. Just the site design pure and simple. I would then work with developers to get my design built.

I have done a bit of this already, but it was working for a developer with a set budget thrown to me – what I would like to know is a rough hourly rate of what I should charge for designing a site only. Or perhaps it is better to quote a total price that is dependent on the no of pages etc? I don't really know my way round the web community enough yet to have any idea.

Any feedback would be appreciated. Many thanks for reading my post!
I would think that if you'd like to charge an hourly rate that you're existing rate you already use should suffice here also? :icon_smile:
Thanks dedwardp, I suppose you're right - I wasn't sure of web pricing in any way, but if I'm designing something only, rather than producing it (which would rely on how it's reproduced, ie print or web), then the cost would be the same as if I were pricing for print...
What I do is:-

I work out exactly what the client wants, so there is no messing about, wasting time etc.

The home page is always the biggest, because everything is done from scratch, this always takes the longest. Work out how many hours it will take to design the home page.

Then work how many hours it will take to design the rest of the pages, bearing in mind they shouldn't take as long for you to design as you already have the main structure. You will only be editing the content really.

Development side do the same.

Finally add 2 hours on, this is what i call contingency hours. Its incase there are any amendments, any problems that needs fixing, you have got enough hours to float by.

Hope this helps.
Thanks TimmyC!

Yes, it helped a lot - that's exactly what I mean – to find out how the web process differs from that of print -

Thanks for the clear and concise explanation!