Web Design / Graphic Design business partner wanted


I was wondering if anyone would like to become my business partner, not in the true sense of owning half of Mutable Labs but in every sense that matters.

Please note: you can still work on your own business and do your own things, that is not a problem.

My role ...

I write the PHP and MySQL and take of the web software side of things.

Your role ...

You do the website design and graphic design work and possible the html / css work although the html / css work could in reality also be done by me.

My idea ...

We combine our portfolio, which will now include two sections, the web app section will basically be my work and the web design section will basically be your work.

We have a services page listing both web design (which will basically be your page and area) and web software (which will be basically be my page and area)

We have a team page listing both of us on their. This will make us look bigger and like we have more man power more professional etc.

I have written around 49 blog posts in my blog already with the two of us doing this we could increase the content in the blog at double the pace thus getting even more traffic etc.

Basically any work that is web design orientated you get to do and any work that is web software related I get to do.

I am based in Derbyshire by the way, but willing to accept business partner from anywhere in the UK.

My website is ...

Mutable Labs | Website development based in Derbyshire, UK

What do you think?

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