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Haai everybody!

I'm Lea :icon_cheers: Nice to meet you all. Now I shall go be nosey and see what everybody gets up to around here :icon_wink:​

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Hey Lea

Welcome to the Graphic Design Forums, good to have you here :icon_thumbup:

Great portfolio :icon_notworthy:

Like the track playing on your website, who is it?




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Hi!! Thank you for the compliment on my portfolio :icon_biggrin: and the welcome

The track was actually amongst several others on a site builder and has no information on who it's by, and i can't remember the name of the music but as soon as I open editor I shall have a look for you and see if it can be found on Google :)


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That is one fancy and creative website! And agreed.. The music suits it perfectly. Too often people put their favourite Beyonce track on and it's simply D: