Wannabe designers


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Ooohh... Nice to see that Flash, tables for layout, 'save for web spacer gifs' and empty paragraph tags are alive and well in web design today. Now, where is my brand new 2002 diary... :icon_thumbdown:


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Great. I was having a sip of my tea them opened that link, and spat it over my screen. Cheers.

That was obviously a joke.


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love the use of rainbow colours and the stretched graphics!! Very inspiration haha loads of paint splats and pencils too! very original..
Unbeatably bad design

Wow... that's really unbeatably bad design.

Flash used in 2012 = bad.
Cheesy Sound effects = bad.
Animation to "paint" your homepage onto the screen = lmao
Stretched graphics = bad.
All colours of the rainbow = bad.
Lack of any knowledge that SEO exists = bad.
Graphics cut out and saved via microsoft paint = bad.
Failure to display epilespy warning prior to bright red & flashing colours poping up = UNFORGIVABLE!!!


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Well, someone phone them and ask them how much for a logo design and request examples - alternatively phone and tell them they are a disgrace to the graphic design world :icon_biggrin:


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There it is, that website again. I received the CV myself followed up by a call asking if 'I could help him out and give him some work' I can't say we've got any clients that we are thinking of losing.. Only good thing is it reminded me of my old ZX Spectrum


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i kinda like it! it's.. different!

you've gotta stand out right!? ha!

definitely makes you feel better about your skills and talents as a designer!