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Hi Everyone,

I am just about to launch a new video production company which also does some website and graphic design and would really appreciate any feedback on a logo I have put together.

I have attached 3 different versions.

The video production company is aimed towards corporate and business jobs, to attract higher end clients .


I'll be honest when I first looked at the top logos I saw a weird face with a long nose, it's only when I read the word Robin that I then saw the robin. Could well be my twisted mind so let's see what others say.
I agree it's a bit bizarre on first glance.

As a standalone icon without the text it could be a bit ambiguous to what it actually is.

As for the treatment of the text - it's always advised to use a medium or bold verions of the font and slightly loosen the tracking when printing light colours on dark backgrounds.

It also goes towards the legibility on screen. As you can see on the onscreen version of the logo the type is breaking up making it difficult to read.

If this was printed at small sizes for business card/comp slip/letterhead etc. the type would most likely break up and you'd be left with areas of the text filled in with ink.

Have a discussion with a printing company (or a printing company you deal with now or in the future) about this issue for the best advice as there is a minimum point size that can be recreated on plate for thin fonts. You may need to do a bit of experimenting for a printed version of your logo.

Also consider making the text underneath a tiny bit larger, it's very small and hard to read - especially if this logo was displayed at smaller sizes say a smartphone with a smaller screen and poor resolution screen quality.

Other than that it's nice.
I'm seeing a snow-capped mountain in the white on black versions. Perhaps rotating the bird clockwise slightly will remove the triangular look to it and reduce this. I'm not a fan of the blue hue, it's a bit too "90s web safe colour". I'd pick a more pastel-colour as that blue wouldn't print well at all without using a Pantone.

Personally I hate the embossed surround on it too. Just have the image on a dark background without the shape to get a better feel for it in these colours. When I'm designing identities I tend to work with three colours; white, a dark "brand" colour, and a vibrant "brand" colour (brand colours basically are the colours I will use in combination throughout the branding). This gives you everything you need to be able to create an identity that works on a white background and a dark background.
Thanks for the replies everyone, our other thought was to have a robin with a camera lens as the eye. We wanted to put in red on the image to show it was a Robin, but red does not come across well in to a website. What did you think of the other 3 ideas below my original post?
A Robin with a camera for an eye is interesting idea.

I'd be a bit worried it would be a bit of "Terminator Robin"
I saw the Robin at first sight no problem. It wasn't until I read the other comments that I started to notice the 'weird face with a long nose' & the 'snow-capped mountain.' With that being said, I do think the robin needs a little bit more work as the shape doesn't seem quite right? Weather it's making it slightly more slender or editing the way it blends out from the background, just to eliminate these other perceptions of what is meant to be a robin.
I think the icon needs some work but other than that it's not too bad, you'd just have to be careful when printing it small. I like geometric stuff like this… Would look a lot better with consideration given to colour, possibly just as an outline etc, etc but it's an idea.

View attachment 2403

Also, consider how it would look animated for your business. Just my thoughts :) also, this is probably a personal thing too but I always think of red when I think of a robin so I think it should be there somewhere.
The "glint" and that shadow underneath in the logo may be lost at smaller print sizes, like business cards, or as a logo on an information sheet, for example if you were at a conference and they listed the speakers beside your biography - or other similar circumstances.

Video/Photography logos - a lot of them try to incorporate a lens into the logo - photography logo - Google Search

I know you have the "robins eye" as the lens in this case. But I'm not feeling the strength in concept.

However, I do like the concept with the outline of the Robin.

I feel it would be much stronger if it was just the outline of the bird. With a medium dot for the eye.
Thanks for the feedback Hank, we did a few different versions of the outline of a Robin but then thought it might be a bit too gimmicky. But now not sure what to go with either the lens in the logo or the robin in the logo, both have been used a lot in other companies but need to decide on one. see these others for example Robin_D25c.jpgRobin_D28c.jpgRobin_D26.jpg
Thanks Paul, after doing the rounds at the communications office I work in, that was the favourite and there was a lot of mentions that it would still be nice to in some way still incorporate a robin bird in some way. This logo stands out the most, is clean cut with a professional look. Robin_D32.jpgRobin_D33.jpg
I simply meant that the current robin shape (half the robin) be created as an outline.

You could have varying weights within the outline so it doesn't look like lineart.