Video Animator needed for BLM project

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I'd like to begin by saying I understand asking artists to work for free is unethical.
I'm a student myself, and I'm always annoyed by other people asking me to work for free.

However, I believe social justice is the one arena where you can politely ask artists to contribute work with no payment.
Nobody, (including myself) will recieve financial remuneration from the project i'm about to outline.
I have been writing and curating a series of political acts that everyday people can do to further the aims of BLM in the UK.
I think it will be integral to make these political acts visually interesting for an audience.

I have written a script for an animated video.
I need someone’s help to follow through on the script and create the animated video.

I intend this to be a collaborative role. I'm hopeful that whoever replies to this will have their own design ideas they're willing to impose on the project.

If you are interested in social justice or social sciences this could be an interesting opportunity. Us artists have an opportunity to leverage our creative talents for social “good”.

Eventually, I'd like to pitch this idea to non-profit organisations like Runnymede Trust.

Link to script

If you are an animator who can help, please get in contact.

This is unpaid work:)

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Don't worry we won't ban the account.

However, if you are interested in this role it's a Non-Paid role - if it's for you then get in touch.

For now, I'm locking the thread to further replies.

Any problems, send me a message.

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