Very bloody annoying.


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So today, I was sat doing work, when I accidentally turned my Mac off at the plug. I must have been stretching and knocked my toe against the switch. No problem .. I'd just saved my work. Turned my Mac back on, re-opened my Mail, only to find it had cleared all 6 accounts I had connected to it. Everyone had been removed. Ive now spent the last hour, re adding 6 accounts with login details, imap and pop info etc.. etc.. etc..

Anyone had this before?

Sounds like your mail's not set up right to me; loss of power - however sudden/unplanned - shouldn't wipe your accounts.
How exactly do you set Mail up wrong. All you do as add accounts to it. Still you're right, loss of power shouldn't wipe my accounts, so not sure what I need to be looking at within Mail to correct anything.