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Hi guys, I'm an experienced graphic designer who needs to trace part of a complex image for a client to use for a logo in adobe illustrator. I'm very good at this kind of thing, but this is the most complex tracing job I've received yet. Any advice on the best way to approach this? Any feedback would be awesome


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The first thing I’d be doing is advising my client why that should not be any part of a logo. It would be impossible to reproduce in every situation. ‘Can you get my logo embroidered onto some caps?’

As to the practicalities, I am sure with a little trial and error, you could get a combination of gradients / gradient meshes and opacity to come somewhere close, but, as I say, not a great plan for a logo.


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This looks like a stock image - and they probably don't want to pay for it for some reason.
It would be cheaper to find a similar abstract polygonal stock art image that's already vectorised.
And faster.


I wouldn't think you'd trace this anyway. Each section is made by creating 2 vector curves and applying the blend tool.
Again, as many people say throughout this forum - there are plenty of tutorials for this under something like 'line blend tutorial illustrator'.