Hi everyone,

Just a quick post to see what you all think about the state of graduate rate of employment at the moment. According to recent statistics from the Higher Education Statistics Agency, those studying design were among the least likely to have found employment a year following graduation.

I work for a not-for-profit company that has recently been set up to help graduates gain 3 months work experience within top design agencies across the country as we believe that the situation, where talented graduates skills are almost being wasted, needed to be addressed.

Well I graduated last year and despite having 3 different work experience placements
I never managed to get a design job which is why I started up as a freelancer although
I'd still really like to have the chance to work in a design studio as I don't feel that
I'm quite ready to be a freelancer yet, but untill then I'm keeping trying.
Not-for-profit? Really? These agencies don't pay you if they decide to keep on the trainee? Not knocking what you do but I would be surprised if you are working hard for free.
Its not very helpful to those looking for work straight out of uni/college but there are far too many design graduates and very few jobs there seem to be billions of design courses compared to when I graduated!!

It was tough when I finished uni but I really would not want to be competing for a design job now that's for sure.
The company works in collaboration with Gloss Recruitment and has been receiving fantastic press. After dealing with so many frustrated design graduates, the Managing Director of Gloss felt that it was time to create a company that offered graduates/postgraduates an opportunity so many of them are cruelly denied. There is a registration fee, but the time and energy put into providing you with top design briefs and support given by an array of top agencies, this has been agreed as a sound investment by the previous graduates that have used our service. You can check out our site at www.creative-protege.com; ask if you want to know any more!

The registration fee is £50, although if a graduate is not completely satisfied with the service we offer, they can claim 100% of their money back, guaranteed. So, if graduates want to work on briefs for MTV, Salvation Army and top design agencies, they should give us a shout. Unemployment is an unpleasant and demoralising experience, but through work experience graduates are better equipped to achieve their career goals. That is what Creative Protege is all about.
Seems a fair price I suppose, especially if you offer a 100% refund if not completely satisfied, but, don't see how you can call yourself not-for-profit, 1,000 registrations a year is £50,000

Anyway, I agree that graduates do need help. We have had many members on here saying that they are struggling to get into Design Agencies, with no experience they are not interested most of the time, it's a catch 22 situation unfortunately...they need experience to get a job, but, getting that experience seems to be difficult too, hence a lot turn to freelancing.

I wish you luck with it, if any members do find employment as a result then let us know and we will look to promote your service.


We have had numerous success stories of graduates who have testified that without Creative Protege they would not have secured the employment they did following their work experience.
As a new business we are still on our way to reaching 1,000 graduates and you have to take into account just how much effort goes into each new graduate sign up. The £50 fee, we believe, is justified as each registered graduate receives a personal service and opportunities that are so hard to come by today. Check out Creative Protege Ltd for testimonials; or ask me for specifics!