typedesign feedback


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hi this is my first typedesign, a display font, legibility was not primary, more like consistency
any constructive feedback is appreciated.

Hi this


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I think the keyline needs to be made thicker on the outlined type. I know legibility isn't your primary objective but I can hardly see it at all.


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The paradox is that legibility is not your primary concern, when of course that SHOULD be your primary concern. It's because you've concentrated on
consistency that some of the letters don't work - the A and R are almost the same, and the D, E and Z don't quite work. With a bit of tweaking it could look great.

The outline is far too thin, and the thinnest lines on the main letters is a bit too thin I think.


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Are you going to do numbers, punctuation and diacritics?

H and X are too similar. D looks like an O. F could be mistaken for a P

Amit Bassi

I don't find it attractive! It looks fine when it is in 108 size but if we increase or decrease the font size, text isn't readable anymore.