Triplex business cards


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I know this is quite a specialism but was wondering if we have anyone who can do triplex letterpress cards? I'm quite liking the idea of some Bleed Ink cards with a red core. At the moment I only really want an idea of price (maybe even a sample) as I cant find anything online. :icon_biggrin:
Hey mate,

My guess is that you're going to have a bit of an issue with this one, to be honest. I doubt anybody will want to do you a sample of a custom design, because the cost would be massive to cast the die (or press, or whatever the technical term is). Similarly, I think you're going to be paying through the nose for the full on print.

There are a couple other options out there for weirdy cards. Drop me an email to the usual address and I'll make some suggestions (might even just point you in the direction of my supplier if I'm in a good mood... ;p)

I dont want someone to make me up a one off card. That would be slightly mental! lol

I meant if anyone who supplies them has a previously produced card they can send for me to have a look at as I've only seen pictures of triplex card and as of yet not looked at one up close.