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Ian Roz

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After having spent the past two years researching and testing out various website, I have finally finished my digital E-Book which is free for you to download from my website, it teaches you the following.

Most young children are highly creative but sadly, most adults are not, so what has gone wrong? To undo this we can follow a few steps to so what has gone wrong? To undo this we can follow a few steps to rejuvenate our creative mental machinery.

30 Places to Make Money Creating Your Own Products. Print on demand (POD) is a printing technology and business process in which new copies of a book, CD,T-Shirt, Lamp Shade (and a lot of other products) are not printed until an order has been received,which means goods can be made one at a time, and shipped to your customer, and then the POD company pays you, they also give you a free E-Store with it’s own web address, so you can upload you designs on to baseball hats, shirts & soft toys etc. What’s more, it is all free. And free is the best kind of price.

Learn how to publish and make money from E books and web comics. Build your own virtual film company. Create 3D/2D cut out animation for adverts for local companies, internet sites and for You Tube.

Yes, you can actually make money by posting videos on You tube. Awesome! Build your own web site in 5 minutes, get your own domain name and instantly publish it to the world wide web. All for free $0.

15 Freeways to market your web site and business.
Bring all your skills together to become a multimedia producer.
Download my free E-Book from my website Home

I am happy to answer any questions.