Too Many Fonts!

Hi Guys,

Started designing today for a guy that i have don't lots of work for in the past, we are rebranding his Business!

He has specified 10 fonts that he has come across that he likes, and would like for me to work with.

Unusually i had all 10 font!!!!

This made me wonder just how many fonts i have gathered over the years.

13,358 fonts in total!

Just wondered if this is normal :)

Look forward to seeing what everyone else has.
I have 2,016 when counting each individual style as a separate font i.e. bold, bold italic, semibold = 3 fonts etc.
Just checked our fonts here - 18,215 :icon_scared:

No wonder I find it life draining when looking through suitcase!
Out of interest, how do you arrange them all in folders. I’ve got mine in Sans Serif, Serif, Display and so on (with this matched in FontExplorer) but I seem to have gathered a load of Opentype fonts which need sorting out and wondered if there's a better way.
They're not really organised to be honest.

Years ago they were broken down by foundry but as new ones have been added it's turned into chaos.

It's one of those jobs that could do with doing but we just don't have the time to do it - which is good I suppose, especially in the current doom and gloom climate.
The same

The same! At first i files mine into different folders. But over time they have just grown and grown.

I think i have about 5000 unsorted fonts! :icon_blushing:
The worst thing is, with so many fonts now available for free I keep adding to my collection rather than reducing it!