Timeframe for Logo Design...


I was just wondering (being nosey really) how long it takes you to do a logo. Now, I know this question has been asked but I mean... more in terms of....from initial meeting with client/brief to supplying them with your first few attempts? And I dont mean hours spent but time in genenal. Do your clients usualy give you a time frame...and if not what is normal for you.

I'm doing a Logo for a friend of a friend and she is in no rush. I got the brief 2 weeks ago and have been researching, sketching and doodling on the comp for that time and still dont feel I have something great to send her...this may be a sign Im rubbish and that I don't really spend enough time on it...both partly true. But....

What way do you work, what timeframe do you give for Logo work if you have no time limitations?

Thanks and I apologise if I have repeated a question already asked.

For me, I think it normally comes down to how quick a client;
a) wants the logo completed and b) how fast they are with their emails, replying to calls, paying their deposits etc.

I've had clients that drag out 3 or 4 weeks in just the initial stages, then I've had some that pay immediately.

I've turned a logo around in a month, sometimes I've turned them around in a day or two.
For me it depends on the information I'm given by the client. I get all my clients to answer a few questions beforehand. They're things like what the company is and does, to more specific questions about what the logo needs to do, who'se going to see it, where it's going to be used etc.. If they can answer all of these then the project should go pretty quickly. But like Tony said, it all depends on the client. I've turned a logo around in 8 hours. I've also spent a good month or 2 on one. There's not 1 answer I'm afraid.
Also depends on how your thoughts go; I've had a few where I can think of plenty of ideas immediately and come out with a number of concepts and others where I spend hours trying to pull out just a few ideas.
It really depends on the project. I make every client complete my design brief so i always have the same info at the start of each project. Sometimes i have them done in a day or so, other times it takes weeks. If i've also researched the industry for a previous client it saves time, if it's a niche industry or an international client the research takes much longer.

Don't beat yourself up over not having anything in 2 weeks, it doesn't mean you are rubbish. Most agencies have several designers working on a logo design. All designers approach things differently and tend to think a certain way, if you're struggling get some input from other designers, it will really help if you bounce ideas around.