Time to share


I thought I'd share the wordpress template I use for my projects, some beginner 'html-ers' and 'css-ers' might get some use out of it, basically today I've been playing with SASS, not sure if anyone's used it? Anyways, it's super good and add loads more functionality to css, it's like object orientated CSS!

You might have seen on smashing mag the other day an article about a semantic grid system, I've built my own but in SASS, so basically you don't have to say grid-3 or grid-8 in your HTML and instead the CSS does it all. You need SASS to use the template but it's really easy to install and you get a 'normal' CSS file at the end.

The template's on github along with the SASS CSS code, take a look at SASS, it's awesome! I also wrote about it and how it works etc.

Feel free to use the theme as a base if you wish, strip away the SASS stuff if you want and use the html stuff it's all HTML5 code with ARIA roles etc. I can upload a non-SASS version if people will actually use it? Mainly for the non-dev people.


Chris :icon_smile: