Time for an introduction


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I wanted to introduce myself even though, I feel I am not such a newcomer to this forum as I have known about it for a little while, just hadn't registered till now.

My name is Sabrina, I'm a graphic designer for all my sins (I'm starting to think this what it must be like at the AA)

I started my own business in August 2009. I wont say its name since I don't know yet if I can.

But what's more important is that I love designing, its a great place to lose yourself. I think a lot of designers here would agree. At times it can drive you bananas, but you still love it at the end of the day.

Look forward to chatting to and getting to know you online, it turns out that geeks like us happen to be IN these days...at least that's what I'm telling myself.



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Hi Sabrina,

I've just registered also, though I feel like a newcomer.

So how long have you been involved in Graphic Design? Well done with your own business, thats pretty cool. Hows that going so far?



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Hi Zack,

I guess I should say welcome to you too. I had known about this forum through the Stationery Direct website and that's how I came across it.

I've been a graphic designer for 3 years, but started my business SoulSun Designs last year. It has been a little daunting starting out, new business, new design studio that I'm responsible for, but I am enjoying it so far.

How about yourself? You must also be in the same field?