Thinkography website – your views please.


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Hi everyone,

I am an experienced print designer, but I'm relatively new to web design. I'd really appreciate any comments you have regarding my company's website, at:

I've aimed for simplicity and ease of use as much as style, so please let me know whether I've got it right or not!

Thanks for your views.
I think it looks good and as you wanted, simple and very easy to use, the only things that I would change would be to enlarge the font used for your nav, the text in the footer and the blog/download link in the header, people with bad eyesight stand no chance otherwise. Also your portfolio page doesn't sit in the same position as the others, it shifts about half a cm to the left. (IE8)

A great portfolio of print design mind :icon_thumbup:
Thanks for your comments – I'll look at increasing the point size as you suggest. The portfolio page shifts as it is the only page that requires a scroll bar, the scroll bar appearing pushes it to the left. Its probably simple to stop this, but I'm still learning! I'll have another look at it.

Thank you, too, for your comments on the print folio – just need to add some quality website design to it, now!
:icon_biggrin: Fantastic! Thanks, Boss Hog – and Fred – I'll use the code and see if I can solve it tomorrow.