has just been relaunched (again) - Tell me what you think.


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It's been a long time in the works, but I've finally managed to get a fully automated site up and running and I'm very happy with how it looks. However, I'd love your opinions on it. I believe this site really addresses my needs more accurately than ever before. What do you think?

The Work Of Neil Martin - All feedback is appreciated! :)


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wooooww. i absolutely love it. only thing i don't like is the nav TBH, but that's easily changed. you've done so much great work, and you've showcased it amazingly! bloody ell.


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Like it, especially the url. The only bit I'm not keen on is the 'Useful Resources', can that be cut or moved?


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In what way, captain? Not sure what you mean by cut? Do you mean it's too long? Right now it might look a bit odd because I have yet to add the "Fellow Designers" links too.


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I just think it's unnecessary information to have on the "opening page". Maybe it will look better once it's balanced out with the 'fellow designers'.. Maybe you could just have it on a separate page?

I'm just not a big fan of over-scrolling.. So lazy. Sorry.


I think it flows very nice and has a nice top and tail to it :) very good :)


Hi Neil,

Looks great! And you've got some awesome work there. I'm not sure about the position of the menu however. Perhaps you could try to center align it underneath your logo, or alternatively left align the Logo and have the menu on the right? And maybe add a hover style to the menu as well?



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I like the site and the work itself is very good.
If it were me I would lose the clouds, I think they take away from what is otherwise a very strong geometric design. The work featured is strong enough to act as a design focal point without them.

The three headings also bother me ('the recent work of', the world of' and 'the work of others'). Its the shape of the background and also the font. My favorite font on the site is the top one ('the work of Neil Martin'). Perhaps try this instead.

Anyway, its a cool site, just my 2p's, good job ;)


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Thanks for the little mockup.

To answer some of your concerns:

Losing the clouds: I think the clouds are an important, but subtle way of reinforcing the idea of "The sky's the limit", since my logo is a hot air balloon. Losing these would mean losing the tagline.

The 3 header backgrounds: The background of the three headers could be improved upon, I suppose, but I wanted to make them come alive a bit more than just using a flat background.

The font: The font is something that I really like and I think it works well, especially for the individual portfolio pages. Changing it to the font for my logo would be wrong because you should never repeat the same typeface used in a logo on another element. It should always support it. Ironically, I'm considering changing the logo typeface to something else because the kerning on that particular font is terrible. If I had a copy of Gotham, I'd definitely be using that instead.

Cheers for the feedback!


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By the way, the bottom section looks so much better (the added 'Fellow Designers').. Much more balanced, and finished.. Anything going to the left?


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On the left? You mean underneath the watermark of my logo? No, it'll stay like that unless you have any suggestions? I don't think there's anything else that people would find useful in a footer.


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Well I like the url and the name a lot, thought I should mention that first. And I also like the design, it's just some small details I want to point out.

1. The logo reminded me of a campaign button for the US elections. Was that just me?
2. Clouds are great, fits the slogan, but I thought it was a bit strange that it linked to your Bio page.
3. Moving down, the heading elements (the recent work of, the words of, etc.) seem a bit tacky. Big contrast between the sleek look of the entity of the site, some people might like it, but I don't.
4. The little blue Wordpress button is annoying me, make it grey perhaps?

And lastly, I like the Oxfam posters, did you come up with the quotes/concept too?


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really like it - especially how clean the project pages are.

the only thing i spotted and wasn't that keen on are the 'reverse tabs' for the headers on the home page (the recent work of...) - do they need to be there? maybe just typographic?

v.good stuff though...