There is no pressure sensitivity in my drawing software using graphic tablet. What should I do?


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What should I do. I started to use the drawing software KRITA. Actually it's a good drawing program. But after few days, there is no pressure sensitivity. Where it can go wrong


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I'm not familiar with "KRITA" but the first place I start when an app like Ai starts playing up is to delete/empty the preferences folder.
This just reverts all the settings back to standard and shouldn't mess anything up.

Then, maybe re-installing the tablet's driver.


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I'd say tablet drivers in all honesty but you don't really say much about hardware or software other than it being krita... which in my case just works.

Paul Murray

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Which make/model of tablet are you using, and with which operating system? Check you have the latest drivers installed for your tablet and ensure any driver or software related to your tablet have permission to run. On mac the drivers need 'Accessability' rights to run correctly. There could also be built-in software that 'hijacks' the settings. Most operating systems tend to come with 'ink' software pre-installed (that lets people digitally sign documents) which could be causing a conflict.