The lower case letter

Hi guys,

I am working on a project for which another designer has produced the logo several months ago containing all lowercase letters. I think it's great and it was approved by the then boss, again quite a few months ago. Now in comes a new boss and doesn't like said lowercase letter and wants all references to the name of the company to start with an uppercase letter, whilst maintaining the same logo...

I personally am fighting the corner of consistency and much prefer the world of the lower case letter. If he is really strongly against it, I said for the sake of brand identity we'll just have to redo the logo - just wondered what you guys thought?
I kind of get his dislike for lower case first letters for pronouns; I assume it's an idea that gained currency on the back of URLs but it's far too common these days (almost the default choice for branding) so the backlash is probably about due.
Another tale of frustration when someone higher up interferes with design. Unfortunately that's the nature of the business - sigh and do it.
The boss is right. You don't use all lowercase in copy just because the logo is lowercase. Copy and logo are two separate things. Nike's logo is uppercase but you don't find them using uppercase all the time in their copy. That kind of thing looks awful, makes the copy less readable and is just plain wrong. I don't like seeing copyright or TM symbols after every mention of a product name either, it's unnecessary and interrupts the flow when you're trying to read something.