The law's gone mad!

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A friend of mine went into Tesco last week with his 2 year old daughter, he was going to buy a scratch card and he asked his daughter to pick one, when she did the lady behind the counter said that she could not sell it to him, apparently there is some law that stops children from doing this.

Don't get me wrong, gambling isn't good for kids, but a 2 year old. Surely common sense should have prevailed?

What a crazy country we live in!
Did she pay with her own pocket money??? i'm guessing not!

It's all blinking mad

An ex-work collegue of mine got a written warning for a joke, over heard by a senior manager. Nothing that offensive (i don't think):

What do you call an indian karaoke singer?

Musthava Singh

Unfair me thinks!!

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Following on from the above, do you watch Ashes to Ashes? Some of the things in that show really make me laugh and take me back...Sam Fox posters on the lockers, drinking, smoking etc :icon_biggrin:

It was so much easier back then :icon_smile:
the same fellow in question also came out with a corker when we (as a business) moved into a newly refurb'd building. He was (and still is) of African/Carraibian origin. When having a look about the new place, he opened up the telephone point socket in the floor and got in a REALLY BIG HUFF because the telephone point was labeled 'slave'. Had to bite my tounge SO HARD i nearly bit through it!:icon_Wall: