The Kerning Game

I'm not as nerdy as those people.

I scored 93 out of 100. Was going great guns until the last one when my 67 killed me!
I got 93 too. Some of them are tracked really wide and they threw me a bit. It's all subjective too, not sure I agree with some of them. I can't remember the exact one, but there's one with a serif font, wide spaced, where there's a cap 'T' or 'Y' or something and I pushed the next letter a bit closer to sit underneath slightly. They didn't, so I got marked down.

Still, lots of fun if you're that way inclined.
Ahem, I got two 100’s in a row - despite my attempts not quite matching up with the blue ones underneath.
Im quite pleased! I got 75 as a complete beginner not to bad dare I say! Got 100% on some too! Other I completely failed lol! Good wee game...geek central yes!