The Fluffy Thread of Glee!!

So, we've got a rage thread, so surprisingly I've found something which I think was a positive. The other day I was thanked by a rep for a print job which the client really liked.

Well, it started off with "did you do this?" to which I replied "can't remember", before realising that they were happy and not looking for a scapegoat. So I duly accepted that it was my work afterall.:icon_biggrin:

Little things like that in my book, especially as I lack confidence, can go a loooong way.


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It's about time more people said Thank you (to us.) I make sure the sales guys ask for testimonials if the client like the job or say well done. If they get emails I get them to forward them to me and then I print them out and put them in a book!! And pass on praise to the print room. . .
Today, I get a call from the big boss man saying that there are problems with a cutter guide. An eps has been sent out from us, to another company so that they can cut some boards to shape.

The file had been sent to me with an outline stroke on the cut path, so this creates a double line (only visible in outline mode in Illy). Anyway, I explain this to the boss, only for him to whip out a magnifying glass. He then proceeds (with the rep) to look at the cut guide on a proof print I'd been supplied. I wet myself.
Any clues as to what they were looking for?

This is proof that you can't tell a rep anything.:icon_rolleyes: