The Apprentice

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Anyone watching it?

Is it just me or are there not enough numpties in it this year, its got slightly boring they need more stupid people! :icon_biggrin:


No, I don't really think they're "The top business people from the UK" either.

Debra is not a likeable person at all, I'd hate to work with anyone like that

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There is usually a couple that I really want to punch in the face, but again, not feeling that way this year (yet) :icon_biggrin:

Anita had to go just because of the way she looked :icon_lol:

dot design

Its getting better now though, or maybe I'm just more interested as soon as they get to the branding, identity and product task (Treasure Flakes, Pants Man etc)...

...PantsMan ...what were they thinking! :icon_lol: