text box problem


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All text boxes have locked up in Illustrator CS4. I can't any longer change the shape of an existing text box. When I click on the corner of a text box and drag I merely shift the whole box. What has gone wrong? I've already spent 2 hours trying to sort this out and even expert friends have not come across anything like it! Any suggestions?:icon_cursing:
Ahh I might be very wrong, but it seems as though you've created text boxes by dragging the cursor (using the text tool) to whatever size. Usually when you create text, if you do a single click on the artboard using the text tool, you can easily adjust the size, but for some reason, you can't when you drag the cursor.

The simple work around is to outline your text (if you're unsure, goto type/create outlines or simply command key, shift & O for a mac). But that then means altering your text is a git.

Alternatively, if you highlight your text boxes, then go to object/flatten transparency (you'll be prompted with numerous options, I just clicked ok, although you may encounter distortion problems), you should still be able to type, then resize your text as you wish. I hope either method works for ya.
Do you want me to look at the file?

It's difficult to diagnose by text posts. If you want send me the file and I will take a look.

Otherwise, try using the scale tool on the box, reset your prefs or make sure the text boxes are not locked.

It will probably be something small like that.
Can you copy and paste the text from the 'locked' boxes? I'd try this and then drop the copied text into newly created 'area text boxes' (drag text tool to create new boxes.)