telling the world (and the search engines) who made a website?


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I've recently developed a site for a reasonably high profile client (or at least in the culinary world anyway). Due to the clients status, it seems to be getting quite a lot of interest as well as links from other well regarded food blogs etc..

What I'd like to know is how best I can capitalise on this success for my own business profile? Obviously including a case study with links on my own site would be good start but are their any tricks I could implement behind the scenes of the clients site to link back? Footer links are quite ugly and really wouldnt fit into the site.

If youre interested.. the man behind the curtain
Tres Interessant! Refreshing new layout which certainly bucks the trend. Have you given it the Social Media treatment and co-ordinated this with a big email send out?
Its had some decent publicity from my facebook page including a paid promotion and the obligatory "check out our latest project" on twitter, which has been retweeted quite a few times.