TechSol - Identity


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Self Brief: To create an identity for a business that provides the service of technical support. They're looking for simplicity, memorability, and and iconic visuals to represent the style of the company and its service.


Critique much appreciated.

Many thanks,
Not keen on the angel illustration, I think it looks a little too simple and doesn't go too well with the light blue 'Sol'

Further, The text and font aren't really something that I would choose myself; the colours are very clashed and I think a darker shade of light blue would work better than a completely different coloured shade (dark blue), or perhaps a monocrhome shade such as Gray with the blue would contrast well.
I don't mind it, the colours and fonts are ok, nothing spectacular, but clean and readable. Not sure the angel wings are working though - they seem to interfere with the text. You could either, separate them out completely to sit next to or above the type, or just reduce it down to the halo and have that above the 'o'.

The alignment of the strapline and main font look slightly off.

Also, lose all those unnecessary caps on the strapline - only the word 'Digital' should have a cap 'D'.