Talented Student Illustrator Wanted For Worthwhile Project

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Dear students,

While on lockdown at home, I decided to finish my children’s book, which is targeted at age 5 to 8 years old.

My objective is to get the copy editing/proofreader done for nothing (which I now have), together with an illustrator, as all the profits from the book will go to the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge’s mental health charity, and also some frontline people in the NHS.

I am sorry that I don’t have the funds to pay for an illustrator right now, but happy to pay for it on a pro-bono basis.

I am quite specific about the type of illustrator that I want, so if any students on this forum would like to help, or know of someone that will, please let me know urgently by emailing me on [email address removed - Levi, moderator]


Eric Reimann

Tunbridge Wells
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Sorry, I don't like 'free work' at the best of time and this is going to come across quite harsh in all honesty. This really comes across as trying to get work, that you already know can be quite expensive, done for free using the current climate and 'charity' as a reason.

I note you say all profits will go to the charities, so essentially that means you personally won't be losing any money because all your expenses will be covered, in fact depending on how things are set up from a business consideration you might actually still make money from it due to 'your wage' being part of the expenses.

Anyone who does this artwork for free would be making a loss because even students have overheads on their software etc and would have to pay these out of their own pocket, just because this country is in lockdown doesn't mean we don't have overheads either.

I've also removed your email address due to potential for spam and anyone who wants to contact the OP can do so via PM instead.


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I don't think you'll find many illustration students on here and even if you did, they wouldn't want to be doing it for free. You can't expect someone to put in so much time and get nothing out of it.
You might be better off contacting some universities or colleges direct, who might be interested in doing it as part of their course work. Even then, you may struggle to get your preferred style
and the quality of work sufficient to sell a book. Then you'll have the problem of trying to sell a book with inferior illustrations.

If you really believe in your story, then you should try and get some funding from a charity or nhs authority or maybe try something like a crowdfunding platform like Kickstarter. Otherwise, you
should put your hands in your pocket and go the self-publish route.


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Ok, we get it - if you don't like the offer - don't take it.

If you're a student and want some pro-bono work then contact the OP.

Thanks for posting.
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