Talent Agent...Good/Bad?


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Is there such a thing for graphic designers ? Would this be a good option for me ? A student with lots of natural ability and quite a bit of experience even though I wont be fully qualified for another 2 years.

If anyone has any experience with agents, good or bad let us know!

Cheers !
Is there such a thing? Nearest to this would be a recruitment consultant wouldn't it? If you are very good they can be useful.

Don't worry to much about qualifications, it's the quality of work they will be interested in, and what agencies you had experience in.

Don't get me wrong, you do need qualifications to a point, but experience is the key. I'd say to any student , if you have the chance, do work experience in as many local agencies whilst at college as you can. Summer holidays, easter, whatever. if you can leave with a huge amount of experience, you are laughing.