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hi just hoping you could give some advice on tablet & pens
im just starting out on graphic design and hoping to go to college next year but am hoping to get some practice in first
and was looking at buying a tablet i dont wanna spend to much and have seen some on ebay quite resonable the
wacom Graphire4 A6 (CTE-440)
wacom volito graphics tablet
Wacom Intuos3 A5 USB tablet (PTZ-630G-EN)
i was wondering if any1 had any input or experiance with them or if they could recommend another entry/cheap 1 instead thanks for your help

i hope i posted this in the right forum sorry if i didnt
I use a Wacom Bamboo.
It's fantastic and only costs around £80 odd.

Have a look in your local PC World, they tend to have offers on Graphics Tabelts.
I've got a WACOM Bamboo and it's great for everything I need, it's a medium size - just upsized from my old Bamboo fun version. Well worth the money.
thanks for your help im going to have a look in pc world and also start having good look round ebay as the one's i seen i was outbid on
waccum by far is the best

I looked deep into it before I bought mine

I suggest you go for intuos 3 over intuous 4. Intuous 4 sadly they made the surface a bit more rougher to give the feel of the texture of paper. What it really did was create a surface that chews away at your nibs on your pens forcing you to buy nibs on a regular basis. So much that some designers started using rounded ends of toothpicks to save them self money

Waccum Cintiq looks very pretty with the screen right on your tablet. But get ready to have a sweaty lap in a few minutes and the edges can be weird when your nib gets too close. Plus if you scratch the surface it will affect all future projects you use it for.

If you do get a intuos 3 pay the extra 15 to get a protective surface so if you do scratch it you can just chuck the protective surface and buy a new one. Also get a proper carrying case too.
I had an Intuos 3 A5 and thought it was really good. I was given a Bamboo A6 for doing some free work and recently decided to sell the Intuos since I didnt use it as much since it was at home and most of my work was done on works equipment. I think the best value tablet is the bamboo because for the money it costs it feels pretty good. The Ituos was obviously better but you have to pay much more for the quality whereas not everyone will see the benefit.
Im confused, the Bamboo has lots of different variations. which one should I order? pen & touch? pen?.... does it matter?
I think the Pen and Touch is a built in touchpad too. I’d just get the pen one unless your a massive fan of touchpad thingies. Personally they drive me mental, I’d rather just use a mouse (or a pen!).
my mouse is one of thes silly bloody magic mouse things with touch sensativity and Im forever sending the artboard flying in illustrator and indesign with accidental strokes, so I think I'll avoid touch.