Tables in XHTML, why are they hated so?


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right guys, why on earth are tables hated so much? Ok we can do most of it in CSS but sometimes, when you just want a quick layout for a specific bit of content, ie prices or something. Its so much easier to code it in html.

I know that strict xhtml is supposed to be content only, i.e. Markup., but its still a million times easier to insert a table with x rows, y cols, z width, than it is to set it out in css.

I know the flaming is coming, I keep away from tables because I know people dislike them, but i dont know why?!

Sad i know, but a designer mate asked before and other than the strict markup explanation i cant see the problem.
Tables are drawn twice, once for layout and then for content, you have to wait for the page to finish loading in order to see them.
They are slow compared to doing the same with a list styled with css to look tabular.
Screen readers also used to have problems with tables, part of Accessibility issues section 508/wai.

read up on the W3 specs