Sunshine start to the day


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Good morning everyone,
I was just sitting by the window, beautiful warm sunshine pouring in warming up my ice cold graphic designer fingers.
My name is Hannah Geddes and I'm a freelance creative designer specialising in theatrical performance art. Designing promotional artwork for theatres, bands and weddings.
Winter's not my favourite season, my hands get so cold working on the computer. However, I have recently been working on wedding stationary and it's a beautiful time of the year to be thinking about winter weddings. Fairytale white dresses, crisp, dried leaves on the ground and silvery, icy decor.
I have a distinctive style for designing high quality artwork which is unique to the client and the event.
I can add sparkle to any occasion.

Paul Murray

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Welcome to the forums.

I too am sat here with a distinct chill running through my fingers. Time to did out my fingerless gloves I think.

Your work sounds very interesting. Do you have any examples we could have a nosey at?


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Hi Paul,

Fingerless gloves. I bought some the other day, I don't know why. Maybe that's where I'm going wrong. :icon_biggrin:

Please see my website for my portfolio.

Hope you like.

Minuteman Press

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Hi Hannah,

Big welcome - it's a nice homepage - but slow on my home PC to load. Not a fan of music on websites either (sorry).

But.... Looks fun!

Best wishes



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Welcome Hannah

Some nice work - but dreadfully slow on my work Mac. . . is there more than the home page and the portfolio? Couldn't get there!


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Hi everyone,

Thank you for your welcomes!

I'm so happy, my new website is up and running now!! :icon_biggrin:

Hannah Geddes

Please have a look and get in touch if you're interested.

Dave L

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The thing about the site I like is that it pretty much nails the sector you're aiming at. What I'm less sure about, however, is the speed at which it loads (I almost didn't bother waiting) and the music (it's a ghastly experience to suddenly and involuntarily have music blasting from your computer in any shared space, however nice it may be).