Suggestions please - classy 'handwritten' font?


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Hello everyone, please excuse the drive-by 'register and ask for help', but I find myself stumped and running a bit short of time so I'm hoping some fellow font fans can help. I've searched the usual places (ie, Google) and trawled through probably a couple of thousand fonts (I have hundreds of them and I've been searching online all afternoon) to no avail. Some suggestions might really help focus the search.

I'm working on a project and I need an informal but smart handwritten font, something that might suggest technical notes written by a diligent craftsperson. The kind of writing you'd like to see on a fine carpenter's note pad for example. I've drawn up a draft version using 'Augie' which is close, but no cigar, to what I'm after. It's a bit too casual and I dislike the 'top tail' on the lowercase a. It seems that everything else I've been able to find is either too rigid and unconvincing (architect fonts, Comic Sans), or too wild and girly (most 'hand written' fonts).

I'm after something in between, something a little imperfect but essentially regular and pleasing to the eye. Half way between Augie and Comic Sans would be perfect I think. It is for a full page flier for an odd-job man. We want friendly and informal (hence handwritten) but we also want to suggest old-school professional pride and neat block handwriting, and there's enough text on the page to make many 'handwritten' fonts too cluttered to read comfortably. We're not really pretending the thing is handwritten of course, but really want something a little less obviously machine-generated than Comic Sans.

If you have any suggestions - a name, a source, or even a genre of fonts I should be looking at - I'd love to hear it!

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Thanks folks, I spent a couple of hours there and downloaded a bunch more fonts but still no luck finding something that really fits the bill!

I have found a font called 'Handsf Single' which might do for now. It has a slight 'cartoony' element that I was hoping to avoid though, and it has that lowercase 'a' I don't care for, but it is neat and 'diligent' looking and it formats well in the flier so I'm happy enough with it.

Now, if somebody could point me to a nice graphical , 'constructed / engineered' font (a bit like 'vector' - you know, including blueprint-style sketch lines and radii etc) for the main title we'd be all set...


Thanks again, appreciate the input.