Suggestions for free places to list your site for back links


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Does anyone have any suggestions for good websites where you can submit and url/anchor text to your website in order to improve SEO? I recently created a B&B website for a friend and have created links on the few free listings sites I can find but its still not ranking as well as I'd like and after 2 days of trawling through the net I'm running out of ideas!. Someone on here suggested Dmoz so I have used that, but are there any others? Unfortunately he's not willing to pay to list his site anywhere.
Well your signature here would be a start :)
These things take time, he's no more right than the next B&B to rank on Google.
Join some B&B sites, owners-direct etc. Local services and noticeboards.
Is this the one in Marshfield? Try what's on in Bath and the like. You get a lot more credit from google if the site is relevant to the industry than if, let's say, it's a Graphic Design forum.
Ah, ok - thanks for that. I presumed there would be no easy answers but thought it was worth enquiring.

Yeah, its the one you mentioned - I've learnt from my last post that it's also worth leaving out the keywords on your site when posting on forums unless you want your forum posts to come up before your clients site in Google! :icon_rolleyes:

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If you wish to build high quality backlinks then you will have to build it from the most relevant and high Pr and authority sites. Backlinks created from high authority and relevant sites has more value in search engines.
If you can get listed on DMOZ you're laughing. Takes a while but can really help with google rankings as lots of directories get their data from DMOZ.