Suggestion for Website UX

Alex Chan

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Hi all, I am currently running a marketing campaign on my website. It is going to attract many visitors to my site. It will be great if my website can have the best UX for all the visitors. Thus, I am here to seek for help from you guys. Please help me check is there anything I can do to improve this. The campaign will launch soon so I need to get as many feedback as I can from you guys. Thanks!!!

Here is my website:


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Well the very first thing you need is to tell people what you do.

I landed on the site and all I saw was a picture of some city. I have no idea who you are or what you do. Your marketing may be targeting those who want 3D modelling but when they land on the site they need some indication that they are in the right place.

Each of the projects in your portfolio needs its own page. You need lots of high res images and some words explaining the project.

Every page needs a call to action.

You need testimonials and citations.

And you need to speed up the site. It's sloooooow. Google only scores you 25/100. The main problem is the wordpress themre and all those plugins along with the cheap shared hosting you have in the USA.


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Um... I had no idea what you were offering... all I saw was a big 'label' for free trial which makes you look like a subscription service or similar rather than the 3D service that you actually are (and I had to dig to find that out).