Student/education/full version software


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Can anyone air their views experiences on software shopping, I am no longer a student but am tempted to do a part time course just to qualify to get the Adobe educational suite version..

Any views or experiences the:icon_eek::icon_eek: full version is at 1500 which in these times is very steep....
I think in most circumstances you get about a 3rd off the full price, which would still leave you with a substantial amount to pay. It'd most probably be a minimal deduction if you're a part time student as well. Usually NUS students receive the largest discounts.

Unfortunately they do make this software rather steep, I got my copy of Adobe suite from a friend of a friend.:icon_wink:
Some places may cut you a deal on some software, but again, you'd still be looking at paying the odds. I would personally suggest hunting for a cheap CS3 suite, as it would have dropped in price since the arrival of CS4. Amazon and ebay are your friends here.
Thank the stars you'r not thinking of buying Quark as well!!! The whole CS suite for less than the one programme (is that the sound of a can being opened? Is that a worm i can see coming out?)