stroke issue in Indesign


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I'm working on a long Indesign document which is full of boxes filled with images. All the boxes have stroke of 3pt. I've noticed that despite all the box strokes being 3pt, and all set to centre of frame some appear much thicker than others. I can't see what's going wrong (it's probably something obvious!)

Thanks in advance :icon_smile:
Anyone? :icon_smile:

I've noticed a difference between the boxes with thicker/thinner stroke . . .

All boxes have a stroke of 3. Yet when highlighting the boxes with the thinner stroke (so highlighted blue) it says that the boxes are 60%. How can a box be 60%?! 60% of what?! The ones with the thicker frame say they are 100%.

I've tried changing the percentage on the thinner framed boxes to 100% but of course this just makes the box larger and it STILL says 60% and the frame still stays thin.

Not sure if this is making sense! It's driving me crazy now!

Under "Transform" I had to "Redefine Scaling as 100%" and then reset the stroke and that seems to have solved it.

No idea how I did it in the first place so if anyone else does that would be handy to know.