Storyboarding In Illustrator using Photoshop Stills (Quite a specific problem)


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Hi there.

I appreciate this is a pretty unique problem. I just want to know if there is a simpler way of doing what I'm doing. I'm pretty sure there must be.

Basically, I have designed a mobile app for a client in Photoshop. It has over 100 screens and is pretty high-res (2500x1600px).

I also have a storyboard setup in Illustrator with basically 4 rows and columns of squares per Artboard (basically an A4 page). These squares are where the screenshots of my app will sit from Photoshop and the Illustrator Storyboard will
eventually be exported to a PDF for the client.

Now I have to keep manually going through every single screen in Photoshop, copy and pasting them into Illustrator before resizing them and positioning them to fit in each square. Obviously this process is mundane and slow. I was wondering if there is an easier way?

Maybe there is a way to automatically place the screen in the square from Photoshop or somehow copy it in easier?

Any help would be great.

I can imagine how long and repetitive it is for you to place your designs into Illustrator.

However tell me if I'm wrong but using Illustrator CC, you can select multiple images and place them in your artboard one by one (next to your mouse cursor you will see an indication of how many images you have placed and the total to be placed) - better workflow!

But first you need to save all your designs in the necessary image format from Photoshop. You may want to record an Action to speed this up, therefore saving per design in less than 2-clicks.
Thanks for your reply.

I guess I can do this, although I actually have CS6 (plan to get CC next month). It still requires me exporting all the images from PS like you said. Is there an action to export each folder as a flat image from the root directory?

I tend to work with all toplevel folders containing a certain screen or design etc.

For example:

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