Startup Opportunity for Talented Designer


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Hi all,

For the last year or so I have been creating the plan for a geolocation app startup. After speaking with people of all ages and putting together a solid spec which includes user journey, technical, marketing and user forecast elements we are now looking for a designer to join the team. We already have simple wireframes and have done some work on the overall look and feel but the opportunity to really make this happen is there.

This app is simple, has not been done before though the technology is freely available and could be huge.

I know that a 'designer' ux, ui etc etc... could come in many forms and so I am hoping to find the right person.

We are currently a team of two. Personally, I am an SEO Director and will be able to manage the business / marketing and my partner is an App Developer with successful experience of the app development process from design through to achieving millions of users.

We are looking for a pro-active UX/UI Designer with whom we will create a partnership.

If you would like to know more and view the plans, please send me your details as well as link to your LinkedIn and an online portfolio if possible. I can then respond with the NDA we can have a chat and you can view the plans. Preferably UK based applicants. My email is email @