Starting with a client...


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HI all, I was wondering if i could get some opinions and help...

I have completed a couple of freelance projects before now and as everyone does along the way I have come across a couple of issues regarding agreements and such. From these experiences I now know what I want to change etc. Contracts are going to be the start of it when taking on a new project.
I was wondering what kinds of things to include in a contract and where/ how to get one? I want to make sure I do not make the same mistakes twice.

Any help would be greatly appreciated :)
To be perfectly honest contracts aren't really worth much from a legal standpoint unless you're handling a huge huge project- I've heard a lot of story's about designers who took clients who wouldn't pay to court and won the case because they had a contract. However- the court doesn't act as a bailiff or collection agency- so you still have to get the money out of the client yourself.

Personally I use contracts very informally (again, unless it's a big project (£10,000+)) and treat it more as a place to outline the job in as much detail as possible. When a client changes their mind down the road- or doesn;t understand why they have to pay for every alteration you have something to fall back on.

- a VERY detailed project outline
- estimated time and cost (not a quote! estimates can change- quotes can't)
- cost for additional work
- cost for additional services (like copy editing)
For me instead of a contract full of legal jargon I create a very specific and detailed list of the work to be done and the responsibilitys of both myself and my client, and then get them to sign it. Rather than an official contact it's like a services schedule that we both agree to and this seems to work. hope this helps.