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I'm designing some business cards for a client at the moment, and am after a pretty specific finish on the cards.

On one side, we want to use a rough black card, with the logo which is yellow and white embossed into it. But within the logo, we want the colours in a shiny film. Preferably we'd like it foiled but am I right in saying that foiling only gives you metallic colours, gold, bronze silver etc? Because I've read somewhere you can have matt foil, just don't know if that means you can have yellow and white or not?

On the other side we want to use a rough white card - so the 2 cards are attached to eachother - with the info printed and embossed in black - with the same film/foil finish.

If anyone knows of any specialist finishers that can give me the required effect, please let me know!

You can hot foil in pretty much any colour you can imagine including matt, gloss and metalics. There's even pearlescents, oil on water, holographic.. the list goes on. The stock you'd need is a duplex card (2 sheets bonded together).

If you're collecting quotes, contact ProCo and Evolution.

If I thought there was enough business out there I'd buy a couple of hot foil hand presses (I was trained in hot foil and worked for a company for a few years in my late teens) but I'm not sure if the current resurgence is just a fad.
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