Something Blue - Wedding Table Planner


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Hey all - I just finished a design for a free wedding table planner that allows people to go on to the site and freely arrange their wedding tables - there are a couple of other wedding planner websites that allow you to do pretty much the same thing but my website is totally free to use so i think mines is better lol!

the site I have designed is based around the Jquery library and is pretty much a bespoke Table Planner design - I have looked at the other table planners facilities and they all seem to be pretty restricted so i just though i would bake a new cake and make it free and easy to use. I have made it pretty much 99% CBC so it should be good for legacy like ie7 etc and for future browsers

hey let me know what you think

heres the beef Something Blue
Nice idea and looks alright. Though I imagine there must be some sort of iPad/iPhone app that does the same thing with a much nicer looking user interface.
hey btw - i noticed you havent signed up for an account so how do you know it looks ok or whatever? you haven't actually used the table planner yet ? Feedback is best when people really use the system in question i think.
I can see what it looks like from your rotating banners. I assume that's what it looks like otherwise why would it be there.My comments were based on how it looks, and like I said, I'm sure that there are iPad/iPhone apps that do this sort of thing that look better.
great cool thanks for the feedback. I have the site on a few other sites (wedding sites) and the people there that are using the system are giving me some great feedback as well so again thanks for the feedback!