Some initial designs for critique


Hi guys, I figured I don't post enough work on here for critique, so whilst I am working on this project of my own I thought, heck, it's about time I did.

I have begun designing the website for my Linziloop Handmade shop, where I will sell my handmade crochet items, accessories, wool felted dreads and clothing (eventually!) and I would just like to get some feedback on what I have done so far before I take it much further.

It is by no means completed, there are still things I need to add, think about, complete, etc. but it would be nice to get some friendly creative criticism as you can get too close to these things can't you?

Here is what I have done on the home page so far:
yfrog Photo : Shared by linziloop

And this is my progress so far on the main shop page:
yfrog Photo : Shared by linziloop

It's quite scary posting stuff up for the first time for feedback :icon_eek:
I like it. The design has great coherency and ties in really nicely with the 'handmade' theme without looking 'handmade' (if that makes any sense at all).

By that I mean it conveys the message that the goods are handmade (with plenty of love I'd imagine as my wife does a lot of crafts) but that, if I put my credit card details into the site, it is all going to work.

I love the stitching effect and the Twitter and Facebook 'labels'. :icon_biggrin:
Thanks guys, much appreciated :icon_biggrin:

@MinuteMan - My images are something I'm constantly working on as it can be so hard (especially with little daylight in winter outside of work hours!) so I'm really happy you mentioned them. And welcoming is a great comment to hear as obviously I need people to stick around for longer than 10 seconds.

@Corrosive - I do know what you mean! Does your wife sell online at all? I am glad you think it gets across that it's handmade but still a trustworthy site to buy, blinking marvellous comment to hear that is, thank you!

I didn't want to go too much along the looking 'handmade' path as that kind of design seems to be very "in' at the moment, and as much as I love it, it's been around a little while now and I can see it dating rather soon, so I went for something with a touch of 'handmade' but kept it simple - no sticky tape graphics, Polaroid style photos pinned to desk, clouds hanging from string in the sky etc. ;) I did of course add the little labels and a bit of stitching as it needed some kind of graphic element to support the images I think.

Cool, if anyone has any other comments, really happy to hear em. The images don't match the catergories stated underneath them yet on the shop page but I'm working on getting that all sorted (need more daylight!), I'll post up some more stuff once I have had the time to do more work on it :D
@Corrosive - I do know what you mean! Does your wife sell online at all?

No, she doesn't. Most of her stuff ends up being gifts for family/friends or orders from people where she works. She has made quite a few soft toys this year and she often buys patterns from this Australian website; Funky Friends Factory | Stuffed Animal Sewing Patterns which I really like the look of and think is executed extremely well. I'd say the look of that is comparable with yours in the 'conveys handmade/handicrafts but you'd be happy to put your card details into it' kind of way :icon_biggrin: