Some characters not showing on a font (help please!)


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hello! I'm having a problem with a font and I'm hoping you'll be able to help me.
The thing is, when I'm using glyphrstudio (and the preview of the downloaded font) I can see the Apostrophe (') and Quotation Mark (") correctly. But when the font is used these characters are not recognized. In Word, per example, if I write these characters (" and ') they are replaced with another font (as if they were nonexistent) and the rest of the characters and letters remain in the desired font. I may have this problem with another characters but I have not noticed. I've tried importing and changing these characters on the project, creating a new project with the exported font, you name it. I can't seem to figure out the problem.

If you have any idea what might be causing this or how to solve this, please help! Also, if you know of any other forum or webside where I can post this question, please tell me!
Best regards, Valentina.

-Some extra info, just in case? Initially I made two fonts in Calligraphr (one for letters and one for symbols and special characters) and then i merged them on Glyphrstudio online. As I said, I can preview and Test Drive just fine but at the moment of using it, they are gone.


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I don’t know specifically because I have never used (or even heard of) glypherstudio, but I do know there is usually a difference in quality between free software and professional quality. I will have a look at it later, just because I am interested to see what they are giving away for free compared to others. I use glyphs app. It is not hugely expensive and it is professional quality. Worth looking at, given how complex fonts are.

Your problem may be to do with the way it assigns an ascii codes to a glyph. I have no idea. Just a guess at a possible reason, but that can be an issue.

I would suggest having a look at glyphs though, the full pro version is about €250 (almost half the price of fontlab), but they have a mini version for hobbyist easy font creation, for around €50. Certainly worth a try at that price and when you get to a point where the lack of customisable options begins to frustrate you, you can always upgrade. I have never used the light version, but if the quality of the pro version is anything to go by, it will be a solid bit of software and Importantly, it will export fonts correctly.