So. Who's seen the new EAT logo

Bland and derivative, how many thousands of websites, blogs and student portfolios have this look? It was fresh two years ago, total fail. Wish I could land some of these contracts, charge tens of thousands and churn out any old crap.
It just looks like everything else. Burger King have been adapting something similar (albeit with a different colour palette) for a few years now. Not a fan.
This is a prime example of a scenario where an intimidating board of directors tell their marketing team; "make our stuff look like [insert mainstream, well known brand here]" and the marketing team & designers don't have the backbone to stand up and challenge that terrible decision, which is; copying other brands in an attempt to meet a fashion trend! A real pet hate of mine.
.... looks like my local Pret - bit samey... what was wrong with 'EAT'? why did it even need the 'just' stuck in front of it?!.... money down the drain on that one methinks. :icon_confused: