Skill Swap Section?

Stationery Direct

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Just wondering what your thoughts are on adding a Skill Swap section to the Tenders & Services Required Forum?

So for example a website designer needs a logo and he/she is willing to offer website design services of the same value in return.

Sound o.k?

Ian Bonner

Sounds like a good idea to me Boss. If we can't help each other we've got no chance! lol

Seriously, it's a good idea. :icon_thumbup:
Sounds like an awesome Idea.

But just to throw a wrench into it all how do we keep trust active in this part of the forum.

Why I ask is that I recently tried to exchange services with an SEO (not anyone in this forum), I made some web images etc for him and yeah I got jacked. I wasted my time and in exchange I got screwed.

There should be some form of banning a member if they swap services and decide to screw another member over for their own financial gain. Also make it so people maybe cant exchange services until they have been an active person on this forum or have posted x posts before they are allowed. That way noone can just sign up swap services and disappear.

Just some thoughts