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New site build based on copy provided by client. Currently we have no site. Someone did build a site for us but it is, frankly, not up to scratch so we have not launched it and it is not advertised anywhere. However we do need a site and quite soon as we are launching the new brand with a marketing campaign mid-May.


Probably around 20 pages but we shall only require around five built initially with the facility to add pages using css or similar code so that additional pages are uniform with the original build.


Require knowledge of php as the site needs to integrate with ClientExec (hosting and billing automation software – server-side)

Completion date:

Completion date mid-May 2009 (latest)


Budget – TBC but realistic for the work involved.


We will need a few add-ons such as cookies to recognise returning visitors; a registration form (we shall be offering free white papers in return for a simple email sign up); a log in form for existing members; news feed and various other simple server-side scripts.

We also want rotational banners on each page but placed strategically for SEO reasons.

We shall require a mock-up of the home page before we are willing to pay any deposit and we do not require a template site as we could do that ourselves; we want a site that looks clean and professional with code we can manipulate ourselves later on if need be.

Please feel free to email us at [email protected] – we do not require telephone calls at this stage.

PM - [email protected]
Hi Babakoto,

Sounds a bit like spec work to me. I'm not sure you're going to get too many decent designers that will be happy with producing a mockup design without first having a deposit/signed contract.
Website design,

I agree with Pete on that one.

A good designer will supply links to previous work, or references if required. That should be enough to enable the client to make a decision based on demonstrated skills and of course their specific design style if they have one.

Developing the initial concepts for a website is where the majority of the work takes place and to have to do this without the security of a contract, is something you will generally find that only inexperienced website designers will agree to do in order to build a portfolio.

My advice would be to ask for examples and references and make a decision from there.
All the best.

Fair comment I suppose - the problem is we did pay a deposit recently and the resultant home page was dreadful and we had to fight tooth and nail to get any results at all. Seeing recent work is a good idea as are testimonials but I think it's a case ofonce bitten twice shy....

Unfortunately we have experienced poor graphic design and coding and this has made us more cautious than usual. We may be better recruiting somebody local on a temporary contract as we have various projects requiring graphic design and coding so perhaps we shall go that route and dismiss bringing in someone this way.

Thanks for the responses.
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You are welcome, and I wish you luck.

I would recommend getting references from designers rather than testimonials, and then contact them yourself. This will give you added peace of mind to talk to other clients direct. This is something I can't imagine a reputable designer having a problem with.

Let me know if I can be of any further service.
Hi Ray

Check out my business site, I can appreciate you've been burnt before, however, I offer fully validated work and can create a bespoke site which you are looking for. No Spec work (as others have said above) but I'm sure you can see quality both aesthetics and code wise, proof is in the pudding.

Get in touch if you are looking for high quality.