Shopify Redirects

Tony Hardy

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Hey there.

So I've got my website and my Shopify account running together.
I want to have it so when the customer types in; Tasty Treats — Welcome it takes them to the Shopify page, which it does.

However, I want the URL of the Shopify page to be cloaked so it still says

Can it be done?
I think it could be done but it would need to be from the Shopify end, not yours. The easy (and slightly unethical) way round this would be for you to put the shopify page in an iframe of zero dimensions so it's invisible. That isn't something I would do myself without thinking very hard about it first: it's using Shopify's bandwidth for your own ends, which is at least reprehensible unless specifically allowed in their T&C, and worse, it's deceiving the user, which is frowned upon by Google (and once you get on the wrong side of Google...).