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Actually, just realised - I do!!! Well the area anyway.
One of my sisters lives in Netherend I we canoe at Symonds Yat.

I like Speach House, Clearwell Caves and Cannot(?) Ponds.


I'm 24 next month and dreadin it. I know that prob sounds stupid to some of you but I'm nigh on mid 20's! Then its leading up to the 3-0 and I still live like a bloody student!

Minuteman Press

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Don't stop living like a student!

For me, the definitions of middle age are:

Liking Queen
Letting Radio 2 into your life
Owning a cardigan (& wearing it in public)
Finding lager too gassy

0/4 so far (I'm proud to say).


Hmm Radio 2 cos all the good radio 1 djs are now on radio 2 heheh, how I miss Steve Wright in the afternoon with Mr Angry heheh :)
Have always liked Queen ;) heheh