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Marko here!

I need help understanding SEO (Search engine optimization) what a minefield, I'm not thick but please... Where do I start? Why does it not work? Why is Internet explorer so awkward to get your site to look right in?
How does Google work why is my site not being listed?

Help please you SEO gods out there!

Best advice is to read widely on the subject and add to your SEO daily - the results will appear. Keep out of the black and in the white (as Jim Bowen would say) hat techniques - and in a few months things will take off.

Forums are best for cutting edge advice.
Hi. One of the best blogs I have read on SEO is from a company called SEOMoz. SEO - Search Engine Optimization | Tools & Software to Rank Better. They have a daily blog that should help you out.

However, Google use over 200 factors to rank sites, some easy to do (which have the least impact as they're easy) to the more tricky ones. This is why quite a few people leave the SEO work to professional SEO companies.


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If you really want to learn about SEO & understand it more, I've read a couple of books which really helped me.

'Search Engine Optimization an hour a day' - this is an easy to understand introduction to SEO...its written more for business owners/managers to help them understand what is needed & then tell someone else what to do to the site...not a techie book.

'The Art of SEO - Mastering Search Engine Optimization' - this is a bit of a bible & is very good....much more in depth & nerdy - it isn't light reading, but it covers a lot of information & really does show you the bigger picture....if you really want to know about SEO - you should take a look at it.
I've posted something on my blog which may interest you...

Simple SEO tips that get results

It's nothing new, but i've used the approach above on a few sites and get good results. I'm no SEO pro by any means, but i've learnt from looking at what other do to get ahead in Google.

Hope you find it useful